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Accommodation close to the center of Opatija


We've got the best selection of accommodation in the town centre of Opatija, close to the tourist attractions like Lungo Mare, Church St.Jakov, Statue Madonna del Mare, Fountain Helios&Selena, Hotel Imperial, Hotel Kvarner, Park Margarita, Opatija, Villa Amalia, Park Angiolina, The Croatian Museum of Tourism.

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Apartments close to the center of Opatija


Hotels close to the center of Opatija



  • Vinoteque Barolo Vinoteque Barolo ~ 0,1 km from Opatija
  • Art pavilion Juraj Matija Sporer Art pavilion Juraj Matija Sporer ~ 0,3 km from Opatija
  • The Croatian Museum of Tourism The Croatian Museum of Tourism ~ 0,4 km from Opatija
  • Park Angiolina Park Angiolina ~ 0,4 km from Opatija
  • Villa Amalia Villa Amalia ~ 0,5 km from Opatija
  • Hotel Kvarner Hotel Kvarner ~ 0,5 km from Opatija
  • Fountain Helios&Selena Fountain Helios&Selena ~ 0,6 km from Opatija
  • Hotel Imperial Hotel Imperial ~ 0,6 km from Opatija
  • Statue Madonna del Mare Statue Madonna del Mare ~ 0,6 km from Opatija
  • Church St.Jakov Church St.Jakov ~ 0,6 km from Opatija
  • Casino Rosalija Casino Rosalija ~ 0,6 km from Opatija
  • Park Margarita, Opatija Park Margarita, Opatija ~ 0,7 km from Opatija
  • Lungo Mare Lungo Mare ~ 0,7 km from Opatija
  • Small town of Volosko Small town of Volosko ~ 1,4 km from Opatija
  • Ranch Bubac Ranch Bubac ~ 7,8 km from Opatija
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