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18 interesting facts about Opatija

Beautiful landscapes, healthy surroundings and relaxing points in Opatija in Croatia seem like a beautiful destination. Besides turquoise sea, this small town has many other special landmarks and attractions worth the visit.

18 interesting facts about Opatija

1. Opatija is placed in a Kvarner bay.

2. Opatija is surrounded with beautiful laurel forests.

3. Opatija was under influence of Austria and it's architecture, design and style.

4. In historical days, Austrian tourists went to Opatija to avoid massive snow storms in Austria.

5. According to old Liburni tribe, goddess of love, health and fertility was once a guest in Opatija.

6. Opatija is famous for it's delicious specialty - omelette with asparagus.

7. Andrija Mohorovicic, one of the greatest and most famous Croatian geophysicist of all times was born in Opatija.

8. Small village Volosko has the best fish restaurants in this area.

9. 12 kilometers from Opatija, Rijeka is placed, third biggest Croatian city, that also offers a lot of fun stuff to see and do.

10. Opatija is famous for it's statue - A girl with a seagull

11. History: After Yugoslavia fell apart, Opatija became a part of Croatia.

12. Nearby mountain Ucka is ideal for mountaineering.

13. Opatija is only two hours away from Italy and Slovenia.

14. Abbot Simun, in 1506., rebuilt a church of St. Jacob in Opatija.

15. 1871. was the year that ferry line Rijeka - Volosko - Ika - Lovran was introduced

16. First tourist guide on Opatija was printed in Wien, in 1883.

17. In 1889. Austrian Government officially proclaimed Opatija as a first air resort.

18. UNESCO officially acknowledged popular parade, "Zvoncari", as a non material cultural heritage.

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